Becoming a Bike Mechanic

A bicycle mechanic performs a variety of repairs and maintenance on bicycles. They are employed in bicycle shops, department stores, cycling teams, and manufacturers of bicycles. Some mechanics even work at home. A bike mechanic can earn a very good living. The benefits of being a bike mechanic are many and varied.

You can also choose to become certified, a valuable qualification that will enhance your value to employers. Certification from the United Bicycle Institute or the Barnett Bicycle Institute is a good place to start. Moreover, certification will help you keep up with industry trends, changes, and advancements. There will always be a need for qualified bike mechanics, and certification will ensure that you are in demand.

Jessica Brousseau started her bike mechanic career seven years ago, learning the trade from a friend. She specialized in wheel building, and her professional skills and easy-going personality quickly earned her some respect. She joined Liv Racing in 2019 as a mechanic for their Squamish team. Eventually, she got a job at a bike shop where she could work on bicycles and help Liv Racing.

If you have a passion for bikes, you may want to consider becoming a bike mechanic. There are many ways to get involved in this field, including working for a local bike shop or as a freelancer. You can also take a training course to become a certified bike mechanic. Some training courses will prepare you for the BSE exam, and other specialized certifications.

It is important to clean your bike before bringing it to a bike mechanic. Washing your bike will allow your bike mechanic to easily inspect its components. Dirty bikes often mask problems like cow poo, or a damaged derailleur. Clean the bike with a damp rag and re-lubricate parts regularly.

If you want to become a bike mechanic, it is not necessary to earn a college degree. Depending on the course, bike mechanic training courses can take only a month. Some courses may require a high school diploma and experience. Nonetheless, if you don’t have experience in the field, bike mechanic training programs can help you learn the trade in an efficient way.

Bicycle mechanics are usually supervised by an assistant manager, and they can work in a bike shop or out in the field. They are expected to repair all types of bicycles and provide fast and quality service to customers. They must have excellent communication skills and be able to keep records of their inventory and processes.

There are many ways to learn how to fix a bike, including taking a training course or reading books. Bicycle mechanic schools often offer short courses or intensive courses. The longer courses provide a comprehensive education on bicycles, while shorter ones are aimed at specific topics.

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