A Used 1981 Chevrolet LUV Diesel 4×4 Is For Sale on eBay For $3,750

A Used 1981 Chevrolet LUV Diesel 4×4 Is For Sale on eBay For $3,750

A used 1981 Chevrolet LUV diesel 4×4 is a classic truck. It has a practical, no-nonsense look and is the perfect vehicle for people who need a small pickup with a bit of a rough edge. This one is for sale on eBay for $3,750. You may make an offer. Here’s a closer look at this truck. The engine is a 1.8 L SOHC straight-four, making about 75 hp.

The Chevrolet LUV first went on sale in North America in 1972 and was badge-engineered from a Japanese-market Isuzu Faster. It was produced by Isuzu in Japan and sold by General Motors to resell buyers in the United States. The second-generation LUV lasted until 1988, when it was replaced by the third generation LUV based on the Japanese Faster/Rodeo pickup.

The LUV was updated slightly for the 1974 model year. The taillights were moved to the fenders and were made vertical on both sides. A new trim level was added, the Mikado package, which featured a better interior and exterior trim. The LUV’s sales continued to grow, reaching 70,145 units in 1978. Its third-generation LUV was updated with four-wheel drive in 1979, earning it another Truck of the Year award.

The 1974 LUV received a slight redesign. The taillights were moved to the fenders and became vertical on each side. A Mikado trim package was added to offer nicer trim and an improved engine. While sales of this LUV declined slightly, its popularity was increasing over time. Ultimately, it would go on to earn two Truck of the Year awards. So, if you’re looking for a great vehicle, consider the 1970 Chevy LUV diesel.

The 1981 Chevrolet LUV diesel is a rare find, but a good one can be found for just a few hundred dollars. Its owner, who’s selling it? Originally from Georgia, the truck was sold in Alabama. The truck has a solid underside and is rust-free. That’s a great sign for a used pickup. This is a great example of a used Chevrolet LUV.

The 1976 model year saw the LUV’s first major upgrade. It now included a 3-speed automatic transmission option and front disc brakes. Despite its small size, it had a lot of power and had plenty of room for the driver. In fact, the LUV diesel has a hefty, powerful engine and is a great truck. The LUV was the first pickup truck to have a cab for people who needed a small vehicle.

The first year of the Chevy LUV diesel saw a modest increase in sales. It sold 21,098 units. The first model was a basic mini-truck with independent suspension. In 1973, the Luv received a squared-off headlight bezel. The LUV was a limited edition and had limited production. A few months before its introduction, the Toyota mini-truck had sold a record breaking 39,422 units.