10 Must-Have Gadgets for Tech-Savvy Drivers

Experienced drivers will appreciate this head-up speedometer that displays their vehicle’s current speed, voltage, direction and more directly at eye level on their dashboard.

Your friends will also appreciate this portable tire pump, which saves both time and quarters when compared to using gas station air pumps.

And for those who frequently misplace their keys or phone, a GPS tracker could be invaluable in keeping track of them.

1. TIMPROVE T600 Head-Up Speedometer

Similar to an app for smartphones, this HUD projector projects driving data onto the windshield. However, unlike most HUDs it plugs directly into an OBD port so it can receive information such as engine revs and voltage levels from OBD sensors.

Displays speed, driving direction, satellite time and date, total mileage driven and altitude. LED brightness can be adjusted to reduce glare during driving.

2. TP-Link Tapo 2K

TP-Link’s Kasa and Tapo lines of smart home devices feature an extensive array of features such as app control, voice assistant compatibility, energy monitoring, line crossing detection and two way audio communication – this particular camera offers several additional unique ones such as line crossing detection.

TP-Link Kasa app helps guide you through the setup process with clear, step-by-step instructions and customizable activity zones and notifications so that you know immediately when something goes amiss.

3. Vyncs GPS Tracker

Vyncs auto logs vehicle trips automatically and reports driver speeding/braking/rough cornering events directly into a user account. Additionally, OBD-II data that’s only accessible through your car’s OBD port like engine code diagnostics, maintenance reminders, vehicle recalls, battery voltage levels and more is accessible here as well.

Get hourly location updates with standard subscription (no annual contract). Upgrade to Pro for 60-second GPS updates and Live Map Auto Refresh capabilities, while Vyncs Fleet 4G+ gives fleet managers more detailed tracking, analytics, and monitoring features.

4. BXKM Handbag Holder

Store your purse on the headrest of your car to free up space on your seat or lap and improve convenience. This simple hack offers a breakthrough solution for many women; more than 7,500 five-star reviewers have given it five stars since its introduction for just $14 now – so hurry! Grab one now.

5. VicTsing Emergency Escape Tool

Resqme offers an effective car escape tool, featuring both window breaker and seatbelt cutter features that are essential in an emergency. Plus, its bright orange coloring makes it easily noticeable.

This Workpro 8-in-1 safety tool offers more substantial solutions, featuring not only seatbelt cutter and glass hammer functions but also tire pressure gauge, tread depth gauge, LED flashlight and magnet features.

6. Nonda ZUS Smart Car Charger

With its patented design and military grade materials, the ZUS Smart Car Charger goes far beyond being just another USB car charger. Equipped with two reversible ports for optimal charging performance, it also works in tandem with iOS or Android apps to become an intelligent parking meter tracker, battery voltage diagnostics tool, mileage log and more!

Locating Services, enabled when stopping your vehicle, makes life a lot simpler for those suffering from parking ticket guilt or getting disoriented in multi storey car parks. The ZUS app automatically locates where you parked, offering relief to anyone experiencing difficulty finding their parking space.

7. Amazon Echo Show 8

The Amazon Echo Show 8 is an elegant smart hub that adds HD touchscreen and 13-megapixel camera functionality to the popular Alexa voice assistant, as well as providing access to screen readers that assist blind, visually impaired or those with limited mobility users.

The smart display can also function as a home security camera and connect to Ring doorbells and Wyze Cams for video chatting and cooking assistance.

8. iFox Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Reconnect easily and party like a rockstar with Bluetooth technology’s latest advancement, pairing in under six seconds and offering hands-free calling features.

The iFox is an attractive, circular speaker that resembles an oversized hockey puck with suction cups on either end. It is completely waterproof and even floats; plus it includes a handy carabiner clip to be used outdoors – making this speaker suitable for showering, swimming, hiking, biking camping and other outdoor activities.

9. TP-Link Tapo 2K Hands-Free Car Kit

This smart doorbell works with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple Homekit and allows users to communicate with delivery drivers or guests from a smartphone. It boasts 2K QHD night vision with two-way audio capability for two-way conversations via virtual fences or siren alarm – perfect for deterring intruders! Plus its long battery life of 180 days means no wires required!

10. TOGUARD Backup Camera

The TOGUARD Backup Camera is a dash cam that serves double duty as both a rear view mirror and dash cam, featuring front and rear cameras with loop recording capability, G-sensor sensors, parking monitor functionality and much more.

GPS module (included) records real time driving speed and trajectory while its parking system displays parking lines on-screen for safe reversing and easy parking.

Voice commands make operation effortless for hands-free use.

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